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Hi! I'm professional film editor
My name is Anton Egorov and I edit tv commercials, music videos, feature and documentary films for over 17 years. Besides editing I’m color grading and working with lower thirds, compose, clean up and keying.

I had already worked for various commercials of major brands, few feature and independent short films, participated at Biennale and Venice International Film Festival. I also have a lot of experience working with international teams.

I like all directions and forms in montage and in each project I’m looking for a new and non-standard decisions, offering different techniques and approaches, like to improvise using ability to realize my creativity and try something curious and brand new.

I edit commercials and films both in a creative approach, with different features, interesting transitions and non-standard solutions same as in a classic cinema style.

BENTLEY Bentayga Speed Pirouette Director’s cut 60sec

ORBY. Clothes for children and teenagers. At the beginning of your stories.

HEINEKEN 0.0 EURO 2020 Saint-Petersburg

Shark Gaming RGB Case

Comwell Hotels. Parret. Summer TVC

North Valley 30s

Kvass Ochakovo

Pure Line Tonic. New Moisture Formula

Pure Line Herbal Therapy

Love Republic BTS FW22

Rise of Kingdoms. The Alliance

Rise of Kingdom. The Commanders

BONAVA Magnifika. The story of Olga. Yoga

Bonava Saying-Doing…

Tripshop Night. The Magic of Night Petersburg

Forest Balsam Triple Action TVC

Pizza La Trattoria

Cezar Dumplings

Silky Hands

LSR Live, Love, Create TVC

Antognolla x Hermitage

ACTICOMP. Pharmaceutical plant

Christmas Porcelain Toys

FlyStation Korea

Fernando Paiz Ultra luxury experience

EKB Worldskills. Sponsors

Modern Mansion of Miami. Airbnb and Vrbo

Rosavtodor Sortavala

FlyStation Japan

Ohta Park Ski resort

EKB Worldskills. Partners

Visit Smolny Cathedral

Pioneer YES apart hotel

Rosenergoatom Calendar 2019

77th St. Mathiue Rochette

Baia Sardinia

Onduline Onduvilla Presentation

Rosenergoatom Summary 2018

Hotel Romazzino

Hotel Cala di Volpe

The Team teachable
The film win the Grand Prix of the "Sails" festival in 2010.
Director and cameraman - Naum Avrunin
Film editor - Anton Egorov
​Opening film in the framework of the week of Russian cinema "The Long Night of Russian Young Cinema" in Berlin, 2015
Director - Ruslan Nanava
Film editor - Anton Egorov
Director - Andrzej Petras
Edit on set - Anton Egorov
​Documentary TV series for about Lev Tolstoy
​Director - Alexander Krivonos
Edit - Anton Egorov
A.S.Pushkin" The tales of the late Ivan Petrovich Belkin. Station Warden | documentary
​Documentary TV series
​Director - Alexander Krivonos
Film editor - Anton Egorov
​This weekly program was performed on the TV channel "Culture" and introduced young viewers to the masterpieces of world painting. I have created more than 80 series.
Director - Alexander Krivonos
Film editor - Anton Egorov
Forgive Not | Documentary
The film tells about the difficult trials and the harsh life of prisoners in forced labor camps.
Director - Anatoly Davidov
Film editor - Anton Egorov
Ugly Elsa | Independent film
Director - Andrey Savelyev
Edit on set - Anton Egorov
There is Happiness | Short film
Edit on set and post-production - Anton Egorov
Film-participant of the Venice Film Festival.
Director - Alexey German Jr.
Edit on set and DIT - Anton Egorov
DIT engineer, video engineer, data logger on the set of Ferrari Land advertising project for the Spanish amusement park Port Aventura. Episode of the track St. Petersburg for the racing simulator Ferrari.

I worked on this project with the American team and organized the capture of images from a drone with a RED Epic camera with the ability to quickly view duplicates, immediately simulate a 3D scene, and watch everything in the Samsung Gear VR by Oculus system using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder .

As part of this project, the legendary races and outstanding cars of the brand are described from its first days to our time, immersing you in the atmosphere of racing across all countries and continents on Ferrari cars, which have become the legends and the most modern racing cars of this brand.

Director - Daren Ulmer
Edit on set and DIT - Anton Egorov

PSYRUS - Hitcher

IOWA - Your Poems, My Guitar

JEIN - Poet

Commercials showreel 2023 for NAFTA

Service production house in Tallinn

Films showreel 2023 for NAFTA

Service production house in Tallinn

I had the pleasure to work on various projects for many international brands and companies.
I am sure that in any project the main thing is the story, even in moody or casual video. It is the story that attracts all viewers and makes them watch films or videos up to the end. I think editing is a kind of culinary art. The director of editing, like a chef, takes various ingredients and then magic begins. You can pepper something a bit, finely chop it, or vice versa, cut it into large pieces and flavor everything with a pinch of fragrant herbs and be sure to add some extra magic spices. Another main goal is to feel the rhythm and create a story that you like yourself. And then the spectator will certainly like it too.
Voila, your culinary masterpiece is ready!

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Official Selection – Music Video
Hitcher - Psyrus

Winner - Best Music Video

Hitcher - Psyrus

Winner - Best Rock Music Video

Winner - Most Creative Music Video

Hitcher - Psyrus

Winner - Best Music Video

Hitcher - Psyrus

Official Selection - Best Music Video

Hitcher - Psyrus

Awardee - Best Music Video

Hitcher - Psyrus

Winner - Best Music Video

Hitcher - Psyrus

Winner  (Gran Prix) The best film about sails

Documentary "School of Peace". A travel diary "

Winner - Special Prize

Documentary "School of Peace". A travel diary "

Young Cinema Night in Beriln


Short film "Pants. Neither like no other"


Short film "Pants. Neither like no other"

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Feel free to write or call me. I would be glad to discuss your new project together.
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